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Zombie Life Size Prop Hand (from USA)

SKU: SNW80660

  • Molded vinyl prop
  • Approx. 10" long
  • Realistic bloody paint job

Let Me Give You A Hand

Believe it or not, life as a zombie actually has some perks. For one thing, brains are delicious. They mature with age, and the thoughts of the unwilling donor add unique flavor. But we digress. For another thing, nobody asks a zombie to join them on a 5K "just for fun." Everyone knows that zombies don't move faster than a dragging shuffle! These things kind of make up for the occasional inconvenieces of zombie life, such as the fact that occasionally a body part just falls right off. That's always a bummer. 

Product Details 

Hands up if you love Halloween decorations! This Life Size Zombie Hand is so authentic, it's scary. The molded fake hand's "flesh" is pale from decay. A bloody bone stump pokes out at the wrist to show where it dropped off of the zombie's body. More bone bits poke out from the fingers and upper wrist. Bloody gashes complete the gory appearance!