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Spider Web 800 Sq Feet Decoration (from USA)


  • Flexible rope-like coil of webbing
  • Can be stretched up to 28' x 28', or cut to fit smaller areas
  • 240g of material covers over 800 square feet

What A Web You Weave

Some spiders are pretty sneaky. They can craft webs that are practically invisible, tricking wandering bugs into their doom. But that's nothing compared to the genius arachnids that disguise their dens as something else entirely. In no time, all the local critters would be knocking on the door, looking to meet the new neighbor.

It turns out that some spiders have really taken that trick to the next level, though. There are rumors that a particularly innovative spinster has taken over a human home! You might catch more flies with honey, but it seems that you can really draw in the crowds when you deck out your den with some serious spider strands!

Product Details 

The perfect haunted house is only a web away with this Spider Web Decoration! Use our instant webbing to set a trap for unsuspecting trick-or-treaters or turn your Halloween party into something truly wild. The coil of cotton webbing stretches to cover hundreds of square feet, perfect for any entryway or party plaza. Add in some faux spiders along the webs to show the family the ultimate in arachnid antics!