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Set the Pace - Running - Track, Cross Country or Marathon Party Water Bottle Sticker Labels - Set of 20


  • Set The Pace - Running Water Bottle Sticker Labels INCLUDES 20 DIY water bottle labels. Set The Pace - Running DIY party supplies are perfect for quickly dressing up any beverage bottle in your party theme.
  • Water bottle stickers each SIZE 8.5" wide x 2" tall, perfect for any beverage bottle or container less than 8.5" in diameter. EASY TO USE: Prepare your water bottles or containers by ensuring they are room temperature and dry. Removing the original bottle label is preferred but not necessary. Carefully peel one track sticker label from the backing and adhere to a bottle, starting at the middle and pressing toward edge. Smooth label around container and chill your beverages if needed.
  • HIGH QUALITY PARTY SUPPLIES: Set The Pace - Running water bottle labels are professionally printed on a sticker paper with a glossy coating. They are waterproof and can be used on beverages that will be chilled, just be sure to apply prior to chilling. Add them to a marathon, cross country beverage bar for an impressive, coordinated display.
  • UNIQUE BEVERAGE BAR: Set The Pace - Running Water Bottle Labels will make coordinated beverage area at your marathon party. Add Set The Pace - Running Water Bottle Labels to standard water bottles, mini water bottles, soda bottles and single-serving juice containers. Water bottle labels can also be used on cylinder containers to create 5k centerpieces.