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RIP Halloween Lawn Decoration


  • Molded styrofoam tombstone
  • Measures approx. 23" high x 15" wide x 3.5" thick
  • Carved & painted to look like weathered stone
  • Insert plastic stakes into bottom of tombstone and then into ground

Cemetary Scare

Behold the old gravestone that mysteriously appeared in the middle of your lawn! Is it merely a sign that Halloween, with all of its thrills and chills, is on its way? Or it a more sinister sign? Worst-case scenario: Your home was built on top of an ancient burial site and the spirits are displeased. At least you're bound to have an eventful Halloween either way! 

Product Details

This exclusive RIP Cross Halloween Lawn Decoration sets a perfect scene for your October festivities! Made of sturdy styrofoam, the prop is and painted to look like an old-fashioned, weathered cross tombstone. The letters "RIP" decorate the center of the cross. To secure the decoration, insert plastic stakes into its base and through into the ground. 

Departed (Dearly Or Otherwise) 

Does a kind and benevolent soul reside under that gravestone, or is it a restless spirit bent on wreaking terrible vengeance on the living? Ordinarily, we'd hope it's the nice kind of ghost, but this is Halloween! Bring on the clanking chains, the hair-raising howls, and the unexplained bloodstains that keep puddling underfoot.