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Own the Mat - Wrestling - Birthday Party or Wrestler Party Decorations for Women and Men - Wine Bottle Label Stickers - Set of 4


  • Own The Mat - Wrestling Wine Bottle Gift Set INCLUDES Set of 4 wrestle wine bottle sticker labels in the wrestling theme.
  • Wine and liquor bottle stickers each SIZE 4 inches wide x 5 inches tall, perfect for standard 750 ml bottles. EASY TO USE: Prepare your beverage bottles by ensuring they are room temperature. Removing the original bottle label is not necessary. Carefully peel one sticker Own The Mat - Wrestling Wine Bottle Label from the backing and adhere to a bottle, starting at the edge and rolling to the opposite edge. Press down to smooth.
  • HIGH QUALITY WRESTLE OR BIRTHDAY PARTY SUPPLIES: Own The Mat - Wrestling wine bottle labels are professionally printed on a sticker paper with a glossy coating. They are waterproof and can be used on bottles that will be chilled, just be sure to apply prior to chilling. Add them to a wrestle party or birthday party beverage bar for an impressive, coordinated display. Adults at your party will love these fun wine labels!
  • UNIQUE WRESTLING OR BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEA: Wrestle Wine Bottle Labels also make a great gift idea. Add Own The Mat - Wrestling Wine Bottle labels to a favorite bottle of wine or spirits for a special wrestle party or birthday gift. Use each wine label on a favorite beverage bottle and gift individually or create an impressive wrestle party or birthday gift basket using all 4 labels on bottles. Wine bottle labels will easily give your wrestle party or birthday gift a personal touch!