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Foam Skull Pillar Decoration (from USA)

SKU: SNW80665

  • Skulls are carved from polystyrene foam
  • Pillar is 24" tall
  • Base is approx. 12" diameter
  • Molded & painted to look like weathered bone

What Skullduggery Is This? 

Decorating your home with human bones makes a statement. The statement is usually "I'm an evil necromancer!" or "I'm a grave robber who doesn't mind a little decay!" but sometimes, if the bones are fake, the statement is "I love Halloween!" 

Product Details

Say what you want: This Foam Skull Pillar Decoration iss pretty cool! A totem of three skulls sticks up from a large, skull-shaped base. Two mini skulls sit on either side of the pillar portion. The antique gray color makes them look extra realistic.