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Dickhead Hoopla Game



No house party bachelorette party is complete without Dick Head Hoopla. Have Bachelorette.com deliver Dick Head Hoopla right to your door with our private shipping methods.


Hot Facts

  • Dick Head Hoopla
  • A crazy ring toss game


Item Descriptions

If you have to be a dickhead, be a dickhead while playing Dick Head Hoopla. This hilarious ring toss game mandates that you wear a dick on your head—but you probably guessed that from its name. What you might not have guessed is that there's more to it than just wearing a dick on your head. I know, shocker. That could probably be a wildly successful game in and of itself. But this one's even better.

In Dick Head Hoopla, you don the titular dick headband and wait patiently as your friends attempt to land colorful rings around your dick. Two dick headbands are included, so you can face off with a friend, or split into teams. Or you could just give both to the bachelorette, so she has to wear not one but two dicks on her head. There are quite a few ways to play this game, limited only by you and your friends' imaginations. And we bet you can think of all kinds of ways to play with dicks on your heads.

Dick Head Hoopla is an immensely popular game that's great for house parties or outdoor events. You might want to exercise some caution on the venue, though. If you're playing in a public park where there's kids running around, you might wind up in trouble. And if you're playing at a bar, you might wind up with everyone in the bar wanting to take a turn!