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Disco Ball Foil Balloons - 4 pcs, 22" | Bachelorette Party Decorations, Last Disco, Birthday Party


About this item

  • Dance Till You Drop! : Our 4 pack of 22" disco foil mylar balloons are the party addition you've been looking for + a guaranteed hit!
  • Disco Fever: the balloons come with a mirrored iridescent finish - think super shiny + metallic! The finish feels very fun + is the perfect compliment to your event :)
  • For Every Event: one size fits all! Whether you're hosting a Last Disco bachelorette, birthday, New Year's Eve or even just a random Saturday hang.. our balloons will look fab!
  • Floats With Helium: our balloons are made out of a premium foil aluminum and only float with helium. If you blow them up with regular air, they will not float!
  • Cute Stuff Inside: and outside, too! Every item comes gift-ready for your favorite Bride-to-Be's bach party!