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12 Inch Latex Balloons - 32 Pack Mix Black Latex Agate Marble Balloon

SKU: BOU9232

  • PARTY ESSENTIALS DECORATIONS - Balloons decoration is a super-easy way to make a big impact for any kind of party! 32 Pack Mix Double Black Latex Agate Marble 12 inch Thick 3.2g helium quality. Perfect decoration for wedding, half, 1st, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th 80th 90th birthday for men and women, hen, bridal, bachelorette, bridal, baby shower, graduation, engagement party, photobooths, and backdrop. Add greenery or flowers to create a whimsical feeling.
  • AMAZING BALLOONS SELECTION - Create the right atmosphere and spectacularly transform your venue with our amazing party balloons decorations selection! We enjoy bringing your decorating dreams to life. Let our professional design to match your party theme which is already coordinated! 
  • INFLATION GUIDE - Balloon Inflate with helium tank or air pump, timing of inflation is important, it will float with helium for 8-12 hours or 2-3 days with Hi-Float coating. Air inflation will last for a few days.
  • FESTIVE MODERN LOOK - If you are looking to save time on your party decorations, buying a balloon is the way to go. An easy way to really energize the WOW factor at any party! Modern look balloon is easy with our party pack, color-coordinated balloons. These party balloons truly make such an impact that you can cut back on the rest of decor needed for any type of celebration.