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Haunting Reaper Skull Door Decoration (from USA)

SKU: SNW80655

  • Battery pack is covered w/ molded vinyl skull at front, fabric hood at back
  • Cord loop at top of hood for hanging
  • Measures approx. 11" high, 7" wide, 5" thick
  • When activated by motion sensor, eyes light up and jaw moves up & down
  • Requires 3 AA batteries, not included
  • Phillips-head screwdriver (not included) required to open battery compartment
  • Can be used indoors or in a covered outdoor location (shouldn't be allowed to get wet)

An Eerie Entry

When most people see the Grim Reaper, many things go through their minds. Things get even more complicated when the Reaper's skull hangs on a door. Some might wonder if it's their time, while others will debate even walking in. A few people might see the eyes light up and turn around, running in terror. While it may be frowned upon most times of the year to invoke these feelings, luckily, it's Halloween time, so it's all good!

If you are like us, all that probably brought a smile to your face. It is a totally normal reaction. It's hard not to get giddy when thinking about your Halloween plans. If you need some spooky decor to bring your haunted house to reality or simply want to switch up your home decor, check out his exclusive Haunting Reaper Skull Door Decoration, made by us.

Product Details

Halloween decorations are great for all kinds of occasions. This Haunting Reaper Skull Door Decoration works well when you want to add a little flair to any door in your home. Not only does the skull light up, but the mouth moves accordingly—the perfect jump scare for any haunted house or Halloween party. If you want to turn your home into a beautiful nightmare this season, pick up this Haunting Reaper Skull Door Decoration, exclusively made by us.