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Animated 3FT Reaper with Sickle Halloween Decoration (from USA)

SKU: SNW80659

  • Plastic and fabric reaper
  • Reapers eyes light up red in color
  • Reaper holds weapon
  • Loop attached on the top for hanging up

Always Be Lurking

Have you ever taken a look at Medieval artwork? There's often a skeleton or skull lurking in the background while people go about their day-to-day work. This was supposed to remind any admirers of the work that death was coming around the corner, sooner or later. Can you imagine people still doing this today? Just popping a skeleton emoji in the back of their selfie photos. Yeah, we don't think that would actually happen. But the reaper still lurks in our decor during the Halloween season! Follow an ancient tradition and let the reaper hang out in your yard during this spooky time. Sure, we don't have to deal with Smallpox and The Black Death anymore but it just might remind your friends and neighbors to enjoy themselves while the living is good!

Product Details

This three-foot-tall reaper is big enough to pack a punch and small enough to fit in a wide range of spaces such as porches, apartment windows, and front yard bushes. Running on batteries, this Reaper has glowing eyes and an eerie voice that's sure to freak out anyone who passes by. The skull has a loop at the top of the head, making it a breeze to display anywhere you want to spread a little gloom and doom!