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84" Floating Spooky Ghost with Light Up Eyes Halloween Prop (from USA)

SKU: SNW80663

  • Molded plastic skull is draped w/ semi-sheer netting
  • Battery pack is at top rear of skull
  • Requires 2 AA batteries, not included
  • 3 clear monofilament cords are attached to skull & 2 points on netting, for hanging
  • Light has a timer, 6 hours on and 18 hours off

Haunting Spirit

You knew right away that if people weren’t thoroughly unsettled by your Halloween decorating, you hadn’t tried hard enough. So, you decided to turn your humble home into a haunted house. Pieces for a front yard cemetery were gathered. A towering animatronic took its place, lurking in the corner of your porch. And dim yellow lights obscured by faux spiderwebs shone eerily from your windows.

However, when you stood back to admire your hard work, you didn’t feel a jolt of nervous energy. Even at 3:00 am, when you took a hesitant step outside to see if the witching hour could raise the fear factor, the only chill you felt was from a light fall breeze. Luckily, that gentle wind found the only open window in your house, and as the thin curtain covering it swayed, it hit you. You were missing the true spirit of a haunted house.

Product Details

Ensure your haunted house is as haunting as possible when you add this Floating Spooky Ghost Halloween Prop to your display! This 84-inch decoration is equipped with three hooks on translucent threads for you to hang in windows, from branches, or wherever your decorating needs more spirit. Made with lightweight materials, it’ll drift slowly in a breeze and add a bit of life to your decorations. Send chills down neighbors’ backs when you install the proper batteries and watch this ghastly figure’s eyes light up.