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80" Black Bat Door & Window Panel Decoration (from USA)

SKU: SNW80662

  • 100% polyester machine lace
  • Measures approx. 80"L x 36"W
  • Has holes at top end to thread over a curtain rod
  • Knitted-in design

Going Batty

There’s nothing quite as creepy as the experience of walking into a cobweb. Sometimes, they’re almost impossible to see, and can really take you by surprise. It’s startling to be casually walking along and suddenly have something stringy sticking to your face. So, while they might be a good element of Halloween décor, most of us don’t really want them in our house. We recommend that you try bats instead! Bats still have that spooky factor but are much easier to see when you hang them up around your house. We love to add them to our Halloween décor!

Product Details

This 80-Inch Bat Door and Window Panel Decoration is a great way to add a bunch of bats to your space without hanging them up one by one. If you hang it in a doorway, you might have to walk through it just like a spiderweb, but unlike a spiderweb, this decoration won’t stick to you! If you like to decorate with bats, you’ll love this festive panel!