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3 Pack Brown Prop Bats (from USA)

SKU: SNW80665

  • Styro foam head and body with faux fur, felt, and plastic details
  • Nylon string attacked at top for hanging
  • Tail can be posed as desired
  • Each bat has 17" long body with 30" wing span
  • Exclusive

Bring On The Bats

Ahhh...bats. Such cool animals. So reviled. Just the silhouette of their flapping wings against a darkening sky can send shivers up one's spine. And when you think about the night you once awoke to find a bat swooping over your bed, you can't sleep for days on end. Understandably so! Your firsthand experience is also why this Set of Brown Bats will make a perfect addition to your haunted house this year. You know just how scary it is to have a bat right in the house.

But isn't Halloween supposed to be a little scary? Aren't we meant to leave our comfort zones and step into a world of darkness, mystery, and creepy creatures? That's the whole point! So if you're a true Halloween lover, you will embrace these winged creatures for their potential fear and awe. After all, why should you have all the good bat stories?

Design & Details

This set contains 3 bats with super-realistic features and furry little heads. Made by Us right in our own design studio, this clever trio features details like translucent wing membranes, vampire-esque fangs, and even little bat "thumbs" that stick out the top of their wings. For added frightful effect, attach these bats to a ceiling fan and let them circle your guests overhead.