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3 Foot Hanging Light Up Ghost Decoration (from USA)

SKU: SNW80638

  • Hanging light-up ghost
  • Eyes light up
  • Ghost makes grieving and moaning noises
  • Measures approx. 3 feet tall
  • Exclusively made by us!
  • Requires 3x AA batteries

The Ghost Of Halloweens

When old Erwinüzer Scroove shouted for the kiddos to get off his lawn and refused to offer up a few treats, he could never have guessed the trick that would soon befall him. He turned around and, straight away, he spotted the phantasm of his old pranking partner, Jackie Marlow. The problem is that he didn't look quite the same. Haunted and gaunt, covered in—is that old, tattered toilet paper!? Jackie warned Scroove that if he didn't change his ways, those kiddos would show up and toss a whole grocery store worth of TP all over him and they might even get it wet so it would take forever to clean! The terror of the tricks made Scroove see the error of his ways and he quickly decorated his yard with all sorts of great decor. (Legends say he even offered full-sized candy bars forever after!)

Design & Details 

Fortunately, you'll never get that far into the spooky tale of Halloweens Past. That's because your future is paved with fun thanks to this Hanging Light-Up Ghost decoration! This creepy haunt will hover wherever you place it thanks to the loop at the head. The look of a haunted shroud is created with tattered layers of cloth and a moaning ghastly face is created from molded plastic. Turn on the power to give your guests the fright of two glowing red eyes, too! This piece of Halloween decor will be legendary!